10 Things to secure your cryptocurrency wallet

10 Things to secure your cryptocurrency wallet

10 Things to secure your cryptocurrency wallet

1. Do not use SMS 2FA on your accounts

        In most of the countries it is very easy to port a phone, means that somebody that is not yourself could claim your phone number and divert every CALL or SMS to a new device. So do not use SMS 2FA on your accounts.

2. Setup 2FA or U2F on your accounts

        Two-factor Authentication (2FA) keeps hackers a bay. Once enabled anybody that tries your account needs physical access to your device. Without physical device authentication no one can login in your account.

3. Get a Hardware wallet

        It is the safest way to store your crypto is in a hardware wallet. Hardware wallets like ledger and Trezor have the U2F functionality. A very cool feature that also keeps your private key safe. It will be permanent in a physical format no one can steal it.

4. Don't be a flashy douche

        Time after time you see crypto personalities bragging about their gains in social media and the saying they got hacked. Talking openly about your gains is like putting a sign on your fourhead saying i am loaded hack me.

5. Be Anonymous

        Being anonymous grants you the ability to be anybody you would like avoiding straight up releasing to the whole world your true identity, gender, age, race, nationality, background, and so on.

6. Don't dox yourself

        Never share your personal info on social media, either written or by pictures. A very common way of doxing yourself is by sharing pictures of the surrounding of where you live. Little by little you provide pieces of the puzzle to someone to figure out more about you.

7. Multiple emails for different accounts

        Avoid using the same email in your social media and your exchanges accounts. Having different emails helps mitigate your exposure to hackers. Different emails helps to confuse the hackers so they didn't get the proper access of your information's.

8. Bookmark websites

        The easiest way to lose your crypto by far is through phishing websites. Avoid accessing links of exchange on Google, preferably type it in on the address bar or even better access them through your saved bookmarks.

9. Use VPN on untrusted WiFi

        Using WiFi of unknown or trustworthiness, is like having sex without condom with a complete stranger. Using a VPN on public WiFi networks helps you avoid getting cyber venereal diseases like WiFi spoofing, Honeypot attack or Firesheep. Never trust on a public WiFi or a open WiFi.

10. Antivirus and Firewall yourself

        Antivirus helps or protect your computer from malware or any wanted attempt to your wallet. Firewall protect you from unwanted incoming connections to your computer also known as people trying to gain your computer control (Hackers) from outside of the networks.


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